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Brainmagic Products for Automotive / Manufacturing Industry

E-Catalogue Solutions

E catalogue is a web based online solution, designed for Manufactures dealing with Parts / Spare Parts and Products.

Mobile Catalogue

Mobile Catalogue is a mobile based catalogue, designed for Manufactures dealing with Parts / Spare Parts and Products.

Mobile Sales Force Management

Mobile and web Sales Order and Sales Force Management induces to improve sales for all units.

Incentive & Coupon Management

This is a mobile based application designed for Mechanics to get incentives and improves sales.

Warranty & Service Management

Service management system is an automated software that streamlines warranty, service, credit system and repair management for walk-in customers, Telephone, Email and Other Services.

After sales platform

It is an integrated platform which helps to improve the overall sales efficiency and also helps to improve the operational effectiveness of various sales processes, and after market processes which includes Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers.

DSS (Digital Service Platform)

  • It is a Digitalization platform for effectively storing & retrieving documents which are in text format & image formats,
  • Solutions built in for service personnel, safety personnel
  • Knowledge management system for all departments which helps to improve sales and the reduce the cost of various operations, supporting text, audio & video formats.

Brainmagic solutions

Web Applications & Platform

Brainmagic has rich experience in developing Web Applications, Ecommerce Platform, Websites, Custom Applications & Platforms.

Mobile solutions

Brainmagic has flagship mobile products suited for various industries, and has rich experience in developing Custom Mobile Applications for various Stand One and Online Applications.


  • UI/UX development - Brainmagic has rich experience in UI/UX development.
  • Cloud Hosting - Applications developed by Brainmagic is hosted in Cloud Server with latest in server technologies.


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