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Dynamic catalogue design & development

We specialize in creating comprehensive Online Digital Catalogs for your products and services. These catalogs seamlessly function across various platforms including mobiles, tablets, and desktops.


E-commerce Horizon: The Ultimate Hub for Web and Mobile Commerce

Transform your sales with our E-commerce platform. Whether on web, mobile, or tablet, it supports Android and iOS, enabling effortless order placement for your dealers, customers, and distributors. Seamlessly integrated with your ERP through API.


Warranty & Service Mastery Solution

Experience seamless service refinement with our Warranty and Service Management system. From job card creation to service engineer allocation, customer OTP verification, and feedback collection – all effortlessly integrated.


Loyalty & Coupon Code Mastery: Rewarding Excellence

Simplify your loyalty and coupon programs with our integrated Coupon Management System. From code generation to tracking incentives, our app enhances customer experiences while driving business growth. Flexible and customizable to meet your business requirements.


Enhance Field Sales: Our Management System

Elevate field sales with our comprehensive Management System. Equip your team with instant access to financials, product information, sales orders, and more, all available online. Streamline reporting and empower managers with real-time insights for informed decision-making.


Smart IOT Monitoring Solutions with Advanced Sensors

Experience cutting-edge IOT monitoring solutions powered by advanced sensors. Stay connected and informed in real time. Enhance efficiency and insights.



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We've been partnering with Brainmagic for over five years now, and we are happy with their service and support. Their mobile application development, ECatalog creation, and sales force management application development have consistently impressed us. Their quick response time and exceptional customer service have made them an invaluable asset to our team.
We wholeheartedly recommend Brainmagic to other businesses looking for reliable and innovative solutions. They've been instrumental in our success, and we're confident they'll deliver outstanding results for others too.

- Mr. Kannan E , Aftermarket Head

Brain Magic Infotech has been associated with TEL for the 5 past years. Over the years they have developed customised apps (Product Catalogue, Loyalty program, Field visit report, Warranty Information), website and product applications to meet our demands. We are extremely pleased with the service that we’ve received from the entire team.
They understand our business needs and consistently deliver quality products. I am confident that Brain Magic Infotech will deliver the right solutions on-time and on-budget.

- Mr. T.Rajesh, General Manager – Marketing

At the Outset, We (ZF) would like to extend our Thanks for the On Time Assistance & Support provided by you and your (M/s Brainmagic – M/s Instahost) Team in last FY 2023 ~ 2024. With your On Time Support, We were able to upgrade our Portal and Keep it Live – As you are aware, Improvement is On going process and We would be expecting the Similar support in Upcoming FY 24~25 to make the Portal further better & User Friendly. Appreciate your Extended Support in FY 23~24 & Thanks in Advance for FY 24~25 ! ! ! !

- Mr. Arun V, Field Claim Management Leader (FCML)

We thank you for helping us in and out with this project. Kudos to your patience and hard work. Your proactive participation to make this project better is truly appreciated. Looking forward to working with you in future.

- Rane

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