Warranty And Service Management System

Warranty And Service Management System

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Seamless customer service with integrated job creation, engineer allocation, and feedback for a royal experience of convenience and peace of mind.

Our Warranty & Service Management System for mobile and web applications provides an integrated customer complaints management platform that will integrate the whole process, from job card creation, to service engineer allocation to customer feedback.Let your customer experience the convenience and peace of mind of working with a truly professional organisation where customer is always the king.

Brainmagic Solutions for Warranty and Service Management Features

Jobcard Creation

Jobcard enables to raise complaint against warranty.Webapp can be used to raise jobcard by Admin, Customer and Tele caller.

Service Engineer Module

Service engineers are allocated respective jobs based on complaints for each job card. Service Engineers can update the status of the respective job through mobile app.


Service Engineer can manually check the feedback of each job card from customer and can update the In / Out Warranty through Mobile App.

Approval Process

Service engineers process the job card for approval based on the feedback given by the customer. Approver can approve/ reject the job card through mobile app.

Credit Note Generation

Job cards that are approved will be processed for Credit Note to the finance department.Payment will be processed for each credit note generated.


Reports for various job cards can be generated under different categories such as In / Out Warranty, Closed / Pending / Today jobs etc... Graphical representation of the reports can also be generated.

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